Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller Review

Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller
Valco Baby Snap Ultra Lightweight Reversible Stroller



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The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller is truly a lightweight, full-featured stroller you would want to get. It offers great storage space and a large canopy for full coverage. The child seat can be easily reclined with one hand, and applying the brakes on the stroller is effortless – an extremely easy-to-use lightweight stroller. The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller is so comfortable that your child would sit in it all day. The padded seat is spacious even for toddlers, it reclines close to flat, and the leg rest is adjustable for maximum comfort. This lightweight stroller is perfect for travelling, long walks, and even as a main stroller for daily use.


The following chart rates the stroller for the most important stroller criteria for product specifications, effectiveness, parent preferences, and child comfort.


   Poor (1-2)   Fair (3-4)   Good (5-6)   Very Good (7-8)   Excellent (9-10)
Ease of Use
Rough Terrain
Easy to Assemble
Easy to Clean
Child Comfort
Sun Canopy


Very Good – 8/10

The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller is decently durable for a lightweight stroller. Its sturdiness comes from its heavy duty aluminium frame. The textile of the stroller does not disappoint as well. The fabric is of high quality and easy to clean. It is worth noting that the durable fabric is better off spot cleaned and not machine washed.

Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller


Excellent – 9/10

The stroller is relatively lightweight. Weighing in at 19 pounds, the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller is very easy to carry up and down the stairs, and equally easy for a petite parent to carry it onto the trunk of a car. The stroller also comes with a shoulder strap that makes even more easier to carry the stroller.


Very Good – 8/10

The brakes on the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller is very unique and effective. The stroller features a “tilting” mechanism where pressing on either end of the pedal will engage and disengage the brakes. This is exceptionally sandal-friendly and you would not need to flick the pedal up with your toes like most strollers do. Furthermore, this single-action brake system is quick to apply and hassle-free.


Excellent – 9/10

The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller has a very compact fold. It is one of the most compact stroller when compared to other strollers in the lightweight category. This compact stroller is very convenient for travelling, and also great for urban-living families.

“This is an amazing stroller, the best all-founder available. The lightness (for a stroller with a reversible seat) cannot be beat and you can purchase air tires separately. Excellent canopy coverage and push.”
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Very Good – 8/10

When it comes to ease of use, the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller is easily a stroller with features that do not disappoint and contribute to its overall use experience. The child seat has an in-built strap that allows for en effortless one-hand recline. There are also convenient storage pockets on the back of the child seat for easy access to important items like your phone & wallet and snacks for your little one. The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller does not get the perfect score of 10 because of its non-adjustable handlebar that is 41 inches from the ground. Many reviews have found this to be too high and difficult to push for long distances.


Very Good – 7/10

Folding requires two hands for the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller. However, it is also fairly simple and easy to execute. While many reversible stroller require you to remove the seat to fold, this stroller saves you the trouble. You can easily fold the stroller with the seat facing the front or the back!


Very Good – 7/10

The handlebar of the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller is covered with a soft foam that is easy to grip and extremely comfortable to use while pushing. There is also a run-away strap attached to the handlebar as an extra safety feature just in case you lose your grip on the stroller.


Very Good – 8/10

The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller is very easy to push and steer, even with one hand. Its swift maneuverability can be attributed from its narrow width and large wheels. The four-wheeled stroller is able to turn at sharp corners with ease.

“I love everything about this stroller except the fold. It really is a 2-piece fold, but I knew that going in. otherwise, nice high seat, great push and parent facing in style! probably only good till about age 4, has a short seat height.”
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Fair – 4/10

The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller does not topple over cracks and handles grass decently. However it is not built for rough terrain as the wheels are not suspended. That being said, the brand sells optional all-terrain tires – air-filled wheels for this stroller that will enable it to traverse over rough terrain with ease.


Good – 6/10

Unfortunately, the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller does not come with many accessories – only a rain cover and bumper bar included. There are plenty of accessories that you can get separately like a child’s tray, bassinet, stroller board, and cup holder.


Very Good – 7/10

It only takes you a few minutes to assemble the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller. The stroller comes in large parts that can be quickly snapped together with the use of tools. The instruction manual for the stroller is also simple and easy to follow.


Very Good – 8/10

The fabric of the stroller is extremely resistant and easy to clean. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. One point to note is that the manufacturers do not recommend removing the fabric and to machine wash them. Spot cleaning is sufficient to keep the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller clean and hygienic.

“This is the best traveling stroller I ever owned. I absolutely love it. I’m tall and the handles are just right. It folds pretty easily although I would have the hood a little shorter so that it could fold even faster especially when you hold a baby in the other hand. The wheels are great. The hood is fantastic as well.”
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Excellent – 9/10

The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller features a large and deep storage basket. The basket can be easily accessed from the back as well as the front, when the adjustable leg rest is propped up. Some reviewers however noted that the shoulder strap – used to carry the stroller when folded – tend to get in the way. This mean that stuffing your large diaper bag into the storage basket may be challenging even though it has the capacity for it.


Very Good – 8/10

The Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller is so comfortable that your child would sit in it all day. The back seat can be fully reclined for infants to sleep in, noting that the back rest is adjusted independent of the bottom seat. The back rest can be set at almost 90 degrees, allow you toddler to sit naturally with their legs extended. The adjustable leg rest also maximises comfort for your child!


Excellent – 10/10

The sun canopy this stroller has is generous and large.When fully extended, the canopy of the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller covers your child from head to toe, providing complete coverage from the sun. The back section of the canopy is meshed, providing ventilation for your child while you can also easily check up on him.


Fair – 3/10

This stroller unfortunately does not come with suspended wheels. Smoother ride can be achieved by fitting the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller with the all-terrain wheels that are sold separately. The air-filled wheels can better navigate through rougher terrains and absorb some shock.


Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller

“I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because despite some little things it’s an amazing stroller that could be easily your ONLY stroller no matter what lifestyle you have. It’s hard to believe that with all the features and the large wheels it still weighs only 19 lbs.” – Moms Stroller Reviews

“Too many strollers are made with a ‘bucket seat’, where the legs move up as the backrest is tilted down. Luckily, this is not one of them. Your child can stretch out completely flat in the Snap Ultra, as nature intended.” – Daily Baby Finds


BassinetsYes sold separately
Car Seat CompatibilityYes adapters required
Child’s Age Range0 months – 4 Years
Dimension36.6 x 21.5 x 46 inches
Forward/Rear FacingBoth
Handlebar HeightHigh
One Hand FoldNo
Passenger Capacity1
ReclineAlmost Flat
Weight19 lbs
Wheel Sizes8″ Front, 10″ rear


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