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The Summer Infant 3D Tote Umbrella Stroller is the stroller for your needs. This stroller was built to provide maximum comfort for your child on most types of terrain. Even though this stroller is not the most compact umbrella stroller out there, it makes up for it with how easy to use it is. Summer Infant makes life easy for parents with the easy-to-use fold mechanism, adjustable canopy, adjustable recline, and 5-point harness. Additionally, the maximum-efficiency features such as the extra drink holder and diaper clips on the handlebar help to make this stroller stand out among other umbrella strollers.


The following chart rates the stroller for the most important stroller criteria for product specifications, effectiveness, parent preferences, and child comfort.


   Poor (1-2)    Fair (3-4)    Good (5-6)    Very Good (7-8)    Excellent (9-10)
Ease of Use
Rough Terrain
Easy to Assemble       
Easy to Clean              
Child Comfort
Sun Canopy


Very Good – 8/10

The Summer Infant 3D Tote is sturdily built and will keep child of all sizes safe from infancy. The frame is built with aluminum which is both sturdy and lightweight.

Summer Infant 3D Tote
The adjustable canopy is just one of the many adjustable features on the Summer Infant 3D Tote!


Very Good – 7/10

The Summer Infant 3D Tote is a lightweight stroller. It weighs approximately 19 pounds. Although this stroller is lightweight, many reviewers agree that it can occasionally be heavy and awkward to carry from place to place.


Very Good – 7/10

The rear wheels of this stroller come equipped with parking brakes. These brakes are very secure and are easy to engage quickly. They are very proficient in preventing the stroller from incidentally rolling down inclines with your young one aboard!


Good  – 6/10

This not the most compact lightweight stroller on the market. It is wider than most single strollers, and it has a considerably sized frame. Some reviewers have reported that it was somewhat too bulky to fit properly into their cars. Additionally, when it is folded up, it is not as compact as it seems it would be.

“The handles are nice and tall, no hunching even for a tall person. It rides so smoothly. And the STORAGE!! I seriously believe it has more storage than any other stroller I’ve had. Even a big full size one. Love how easily my bag hangs on the handles and all the pockets and huge basket! It’s a breeze to open and close too. Not a super light stroller but definitely easier to maneuver that a big full size.”
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Very Good – 8/10

Using your stroller for day-to-day use is made easy with the 3D Tote. It is very easy to maneuver, bring with you on day trips, and adjust everything for maximum comfort. A few examples of different features that are simple to adjust include its harness, seat, and recline.


Very Good – 7/10

This stroller can fold easily into a more compact size. You can even fold this stroller easily using only one hand! However, it does not stay folded compactly after a period of time, and closing this stroller is significantly easier than opening it due to the larger amount of components involved.


Very Good – 8/10

The 3D Tote comes equipped with tall, comfortable handlebars that are the perfect height for almost any parent! They are not adjustable, but they were purposefully set at an angle that prevents pushing this stroller from causing any strain on parents’ backs/muscles.


Excellent – 9/10

This stroller received an almost-perfect score in Maneuverability. The wheels of the Tote have very good directionality and, when needed, the front wheels can lock and unlock in order to navigate terrain better. The front swivel wheels of this stroller are adept at navigating tight spaces, or crowded cities.

“But back to the Summer Infant 3D tote, it is very well made- looks and feels high quality. The design is modern and trendy. It has a ton of pockets, compartments, pouches, and storage solutions all over it (see photos). A nice shade canopy with peek through to see baby, safe buckle harness, strap covers for softness, and an easy reclining seat system- no tension cord pull. I love the cup holder and its a breeze to push/turn.”
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Very Good – 8/10

For a lightweight stroller, the 3D Tote performs well on rough terrain. Its lockable front swivel wheels allow it to resist large bumps and navigate efficiently on rough paths. Reviewers have been surprised with how smoothly this stroller handles on rough terrain.


Excellent – 9/10

This stroller comes with a bonus drink holder that will fit any size coffee/water bottle easily. There’s also a clip on each handle that’s meant to hold any diaper bags. These clips were strategically placed on the handlebars in places where the extra weight would not cause the stroller to tip over.


Excellent – 9/10

It is very easy to assemble this stroller due to the very simple instructions located in the manual that Summer Infant provides. Assembling this stroller fully should take under 30 minutes.


Excellent – 9/10

The fabric on this stroller is water-resistant and dries very easily, making this stroller very easy to clean. All that is needed to keep this stroller clean is a wet washcloth with soap and a quick wipe-down!

“I also thought the canopy on this stroller was superior to any other I’ve tried. It shaded by son from the Florida sun perfectly, and it also kept him dry during the regular rain showers. The fabric dried really quickly when it got wet and of my son spilled anything it was easily cleaned. I’m recommending this stroller to all my other mom friends who are planning a Disney trip!”
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Excellent – 10/10

The huge storage space located on the underside of this stroller is what really makes this umbrella stroller stand out to parents. It also has several side pockets that serve as extra storage for toys, bottles, stray diapers, etc. This large storage area is rare for umbrella strollers.


Very Good – 7/10

The 5-point harness, adjustable seat, footrest, padded straps, comfy seat pad, and adjustable recline all work together to make this stroller very comfortable for young passengers. The only downside of these features is the footrest, which reviewers have labeled as slightly flimsy and unreliable.


Very Good – 8/10

The canopy that this stroller comes equipped with is removable and huge. It is also adjustable so that it can protect your child from the sun at all angles! Its ability to detach from the stroller makes it easy to take this stroller apart and store it into smaller areas, or into the back of your car.


Good – 6/10

This stroller has a suspension system that helps to make for a smooth ride. This system makes this lightweight umbrella stroller suitable for rougher terrain.


summer infant 3d tote

“We all know what we do with our bags when we are out strolling baby; we hang it on the back of the stroller. But too much weight on the back of the stroller is a safety concern and cause the stroller to tip over. Summer Infant has solved that problem by creating a stroller that wants you to hang your diaper bag on it. The new 3DTote Stroller has diaper bag hooks that safely holds your diaper bag and shopping bags. ” – Big City Moms


“Finally an umbrella stroller that can actually hold all your STUFF! With one of the largest storage baskets on the planet, the Summer Infant 3D Tote will actually be able to keep up with you and your adventures!” – Baby Gizmo


Bassinets No
Car Seat Compatibility No
Child’s Age Range 1 – 5 Years
Dimensions 36″ L x 20.5″ W x 43.5″ H
Forward/Rear Facing Forward
Handlebar Height High
Jogging No
One Hand Fold Yes
Passenger Capacity 1
Recline 160 degrees
Weight 19 pounds
Wheel Size 6 inches


Amazon $103.99
Babies R Us $119.99
Target $129.99


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