Schwinn Turismo Single Swivel Stroller Review

Schwinn Turismo Single Swivel Stroller Review
Schwinn Turismo Single Swivel Stroller Review



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The Schwinn Turismo Single Swivel Stroller is one of the best jogging stroller you can find. While it weighs in at 25lbs, a relatively average weight for a jogging stroller, it surprises you be features not found in higher end strollers. The Schwinn Turismo is incredibly easy to use and maneuvering is not a hassle at all when you’re out taking a jog. Fully suspended wheels, extra padded seats, and close to full recline will make your child cosy and comfortable. Easy to follow instruction manual allow for easy assembly, and taking extra precaution in piecing the stroller together will go a long way. After all, you’d want your stroller to be as safe as possible for your little one to enjoy the ride.


The following chart rates the stroller for the most important stroller criteria for product specifications, effectiveness, parent preferences, and child comfort.


   Poor (1-2)    Fair (3-4)    Good (5-6)    Very Good (7-8)    Excellent (9-10)
Ease of Use
Rough Terrain
Easy to Assemble
Easy to Clean
Child Comfort
Sun Canopy


Very Good – 8/10

The Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger stroller is a decently durable stroller. It’s sturdy frame and strong canvas fabric speaks for its long shelf life, meaning that you can most probably use the stroller for a long period of time. 

Schwinn Turismo Single Swivel Folded


Very Good – 7/10

Weighing in at 25lbs, the Schwinn Turismo Stroller isn’t the lightest jogging stroller, which may be a pet peeve for parents who are running enthusiasts. That being said, the added weight provides additional stability to the stroller, keeping the stroller steady throughout the duration of the jog.


Good – 5/10

The Schwinn Turismo Single Swivel Stroller unfortunately falls short for its ranking on its brakes. Its braking system works separately on each of its rear wheels, and this can be a hassle when you need a quick break on a sloping hill. The brake pedals are also not sandal friendly. A missing feature in this stroller is a handbrake, which can be extremely convenient. 


Very Good- 7/10

The stroller is decently compact when folded. With or without the front wheel removed, the Schwinn Turismo when folded is one of the most compact amongst other strollers in the jogging category. It is good to note that when compact, the child tray is exposed and is prone to scratches if the folded stroller is not handled with care. 

“We bought this stroller so I could run daily w my Son who is 6 months old. We wanted something that was comfortable for him and easy and light weight for me. With this stroller we got that. It comes 75% set up and just have to add basics like wheels and cup holders.”
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Very Good – 7/10

The Schwinn Turismo stroller is very easy to use as a jogging stroller or for daily use. It has an adjustable handlebar and the canopy does not trap wind as it can be detached from the back of the seat. A jog in the park is a breeze! Furthermore, the stroller is easy to steer with one hand and its front wheels can be locked for stability. The stroller lacks 3 points to perfection is due to its individual brakes and a crossbar that limits full, unobstructed access to its storage basket.


Very Good – 6/10

The folding mechanism of the stroller requires two hands to execute. It involves pushing of a button of each side of the frame simultaneously. In addition, the seat needs to be reclined prior to folding – which can be troublesome and easy to forget. It requires some practice before you master the art of folding the Schwinn Turismo stroller.


Excellent – 9/10

The Schwinn Turismo Single Swivel Stroller have an adjustable handlebar that can accommodate people of different heights. Its handlebar is also rubberised, and this slip resistant material provides a good grip for the parent. It is worth noting that the width of the handlebar might be too narrow for a comfortable handling for men with broad shoulders.


Excellent – 9/10

The Schwinn Turismo Stroller has great maneuverability which can be attributed to its swivel front wheels. It is easy to steer with one hand and its air-filled wheels help the stroller maneuver on off road terrains with ease.

“I like the fact, that our stroller is sturdy and lightweight, easy to push, with good maneuverability. Its safe for little fingers. Which is important too. We like adjustable holder, we like that stroller fits even small trunks. “
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Very Good – 7/10

The stroller is capable of handling rough terrains. It has air-filled wheels which helps to absorb shocks from bumps and lumps and its suspension in all three wheels ensure a smooth ride on rough terrains. Its lockable front wheels also contribute to a more stable ride.


Good – 6/10

The storage in the parent console of the Schwinn Turismo Stroller is limited. Many reviews have commented that it is not big enough to hold an iPhone. Although many did not find that a big issue as they can store their phone in the cup holder. This stroller comes with a built in MP3 player in the canopy, but many felt that it was not of good quality and the sound produced is too soft to be heard. It is an interesting feature but not a must-have. 


Very Good – 7/10

Assembling the Schwinn Turismo stroller is very easy. The wheels come pre- pumped and only a hand full of parts to piece together. Instruction manuals are also straight-forward and easy to understand. However, proper installation of the front wheel is required as there have been accounts of mishaps that occurred due to failure to check for proper installation. Assembling the stroller also requires tools to screw in some nuts and bolts. 


Very Good – 7/10

The Schwinn Turismo stroller is fairly easy to clean. All you need is a wet cloth to wipe clean the stroller canopy and seat fabric.

“We’ve taken it through gravel, up (small) mountains, over curbs and gigantic sidewalk cracks, over snow, etc., and it’s stood up to every test. The ride is pretty smooth, the wheels retain air really well, it has high maneuverability, it’s easy to get the child in and out of the seat, there’s plenty of storage room below the seat and near the handle, the brakes have been reliable, and it pushes easily.”
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Good – 5/10

This stroller in fact has a large storage basket that could keep a decent-sized diaper bag with room to spare. However, there is a crossbar that runs across the stroller frame, directly above the access area to the storage basket. This limits access to the basket despite it being a fairly large storage basket.


Very Good – 8/10

The Schwinn Turismo Stroller has a soft padded seat for any child to fall asleep in. Its seat canvas is made of Faux Lambskin, which makes it a little more comfy to sit in. The sun canopy is also generous enough to cover most of the child and protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.


Very Good – 8/10

The sun canopy of the Schwinn Turismo stroller is decently large enough to cover most of the child. Above that, the adjustable canopy is not attached to the back of the child seat. This allows for better ventilation and more importantly, easier for you to push the stroller as it does not trap wind during the jog.


Very Good – 8/10

The Schwinn Turismo Single Swivel Stroller has great suspension on all three wheels. It is able to absorb shock from uneven ground surfaces, and provide a smooth ride for the child. The suspension however, is not adjustable to suit the demands of different ground unevenness. 


Schwinn Turismo Stroller

“Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogging Stroller is a jogger for any terrain. It rolls with ease over smooth and rough terrain with the wide rear wheels that provide great handling and stability, and a front swivel wheel for manoeuvring in crowded or tight city corners.” – Jogging Stroller Plaza

“One feature I particularly like about the Turismo is that the locking mechanism for the front wheel is under the handlebar on the back so you don’t have to bend over at the front wheel to lock or unlock it, which can be a pain on other models.” – Strollerable


Bassinets No
Car Seat Compatibility No
Child’s Age Range 0 months – 5 Years
Dimension 33.5 x 23 x 25 inches (folded)
Forward/Rear Facing Forward
Handlebar Height Adjustable
Jogging Yes
One Hand Fold No
Passenger Capacity 1
Recline 21 Degrees to flat
Weight 25 lbs
Wheel Sizes 12″ Front


Amazon $159.99
Walmart $149.84
ebay $159.75


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