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We’ve read thousands of reviews for each product

As they establish what the stroller is good for or bad at.

Reviews hold personal user experiences – they provide insights to the stroller’s performance and their own unique set of features that contribute to the overall experience of the stroller.


“I love that the stroller is lightweight and easy to carry. The only problem is that it’s difficult to fold with one hand.”


We’ve identified 20 criteria that people mostly refer to in reviews.

Stroller criteria frequently mentioned in reviews can be described as criteria that people really care about. These include: “reclining stroller”, “one-hand fold”, and “car seat compatibility” and many more.

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And graded each stroller by those criteria.

Product Specification
Describes the physical specifications of the stroller.

Effectiveness of stroller usage and interaction.

Parent Preferences
Personal preferences that vary by user.

Considerations for the child.

Allowing you to filter & compare across multiple strollers.

If you need both Infant & Convertible car seat compatibility, we recommended the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller as the best lightweight travel stroller.

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Allowing you to filter & compare across multiple strollers.

If you don't need a car seat compatible stroller, we recommended the Summer Infant 3dLite stroller an inexpensive yet great option!

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Allowing you to filter & compare across multiple strollers.

If "one-hand fold" is the most important criteria, we recommended the GB Qbit+ stroller as another great pick!

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We’ve also created recommendation guides for unique combinations of criteria & needs.


The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Lightweight Stroller

Planes, trains, and unhappy babies. Travelling with your little one is not always the easiest task, and neither is finding the perfect, compact, lightweight travel stroller…

Criteria to Consider:
Lightweight, Recline, One-hand Fold, Car Seat Compatibility, and Storage


Best Jogging Stroller

The Best Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are designed to withstand the wear and tear of strenuous outdoor use. They are strollers that accommodate an active lifestyle…

Criteria to Consider:
Suspension, Sun Canopy, Wheel Size, Maneuverability, and Ability to perform on Rough Terrain