Standard Strollers Review Guide

A standard stroller is a full size baby stroller that is used on a day-to-day basis. They’re typically a bit larger, but are more comfortable for the baby to ride in. They have more features built in for greater convenience and comfort. This may include: a large sun canopy, reclining seat, storage, padded seats, etc. They can weigh anywhere from 13 pounds to 30 pounds. They are bulkier than umbrella strollers. They’re good for pushing around for longer periods of time. Usually, full size strollers can accommodate your child from the time they are born until they outgrow the need for a stroller. Some are convertible and are able to grow along with your child. There are some that can accommodate a second child if you plan to extend your family in the future. The price of a full size stroller can vary widely. They can start at $50 but reach $1,300! There should be a suitable standard stroller within your budget, whatever it is. These strollers are sometimes referred to as full-size strollers.

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Standard Stroller Usage

Standard strollers are made for everyday use. They have various constructions to best fit the user’s needs. While typically not as light as an umbrella stroller, and not nearly as specialized as a jogging stroller, the standard stroller is an everyday baby staple. The advantage of getting a standard baby stroller is their versatility. They can be brought on trips or used in the neighborhood. Standard strollers are comfortable for the baby as well as the parent and they are built for long term use. It’s important to consider what you need the stroller for, since there are so many of them to choose from. From small convenience stroller to larger 3-wheeled ones, baby strollers are designed for your daily activities.

Pros of Standard Strollers

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A Standard stroller functions as your primary stroller. They are built to withstand daily wear and will be with you and your family for years to come. In addition to their tough durability, standard strollers are generally comfortable for your baby. Because a standard stroller is designed for everyday use, they have built in features that will keep your toddler or infant happy during your excursions. A standard stroller will typically have a larger storage basket to hold a diaper bag or other necessities. This will come in handy when shopping or on long days out. Many standard strollers are infant car seat compatible, giving parents the travel system option. This is fantastic for transporting infants to and from cars. It eliminates the need to wake them from their naps.

Cons of Standard Strollers

Standard strollers are usually bigger than an umbrella stroller. They may also be more bulky and heavy. If you are tight on space, you may want to look into a smaller convenience stroller otherwise you could find yourself pressed for space. If you need to bring your stroller up and down stairs, it could be problematic. Standard strollers range widely in price, so beware of some of those price tags! If you need a budget stroller, check out or post to the best strollers under $100 here!

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Types of Standard Strollers

There are various types of standard baby strollers. These strollers have differing qualities but all perform exceptionally. Depending on your family’s lifestyle and surrounding terrain, it will affect your choice of standard stroller. Travel systems, three-wheel, and convenience are three subcategories of standard stroller that can be explored further. However, not all standard strollers will fit into these categories, so keep that in mind as you continue your stroller search.

Travel System Strollers

While travel system strollers are a specific type of stroller, they are also a subcategory of standard strollers. A travel system is a stroller that is compatible with an infant car seat. Often, travel systems will have a car seat included in the purchase. There are many strollers on the market that can use adapters to work with infant car seats. Infant car seats can only be used until your infant is about a year old. After that, they can graduate to the stroller without the car seat. Travel systems are popular with newborns and infants because they are not old enough to use the stroller alone. Infants and newborns need additional support, which is why they must ride in either a car seat or bassinet. Check out our Travel System Stroller guide for a more comprehensive overview and travel system stroller recommendations.

Best Travel System Strollers

UPPAbaby Vista
The UPPAbaby Vista is a celebrity in the stroller community. It is compatible with infant car seats. It also accommodates a bassinet for newborns. This stroller has the ability to grow with your baby and with your family. If you choose to have a second child, an additional seat can be added to the frame. But the convenience of the UPPAbaby Vista comes with a hefty price tag. Check out our full review here!

Graco Modes Click Connect
The Graco Modes Click Connect will be a reliable piece of equipment for years to come. This travel system is comfortable for your baby. It has heavy padding, a large sun canopy, and a built in child tray. Parents will enjoy the parent console and easy click-in car seat. For our full review, click here!

Graco Comfy Cruiser
This budget option does not sacrifice performance for price. The Graco Comfy Cruiser is an overall good stroller. Though it is not the most durable stroller on the market, it has wonderful functionality for both parents and children. This stroller is comfortable for children, and the huge storage basket will be loved by parents. Click here to read our full review.


Three Wheel Strollers

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A three-wheel stroller mimics the look and design of a jogging stroller. The sporty construction is a good option for more active moms who don’t necessarily want to run with a stroller. These three-wheel standard strollers do not have all the safety features a jogging stroller does, but they are perfect for walks around the neighborhood or other everyday use. The three-wheeled stroller is popular for its maneuverability. The single front wheel is able to swivel around obstacles. Three-wheel standard strollers usually have bigger wheels made out of rubber that make the stroller easier to push. The suspension system makes the ride smooth for parents and babies. The downside to these strollers is that they’re not the most compact. They can also be pretty heavy. They are popular among moms who spend a lot of time pushing their babies around. Take a look at our post on Best City Strollers for Urban Families here !

Best Three-Wheeled Strollers

Britax B-Agile
The Britax B-Agile is another popular choice for parents. This light and relatively compact standard stroller works well for everyday use. It has a deep recline and a large storage basket. Both parents and children will enjoy this stroller. It is also car seat compatible with an adapter, which allows parents to use this stroller with their newborn. Click here to read our full review!

Baby Jogger City Mini GT
The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a three wheeled stroller that is perfect for navigating tight spaces. It’s rather compact, so it will work well it cities. This stroller is more rugged than most strollers, which means surfaces like grass and woodchips are no match for this standard stroller. Click here to read our full review of the City Mini GT.

Baby Trend Expedition
The Baby Trend Expedition is great everyday stroller that functions much like a jogging stroller. While its build allows for light jogging and walking, it does not suit serious runners. It works best as a everyday stroller with great maneuverability and ease of use. With it’s low price point, this stroller is a great value for money. While this stroller is rather bulky, it’s other features make up for the big size. Read our full review of the Baby Trend Expedition here.


Convenience Strollers

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A convenience stroller is like a smaller version of a regular stroller. They are popular for travel and cities because they offer all the features of a full-size stroller but they are far more compact. They are more comfortable for your baby and easier to push than an umbrella stroller. Convenience strollers function much like your typical standard stroller but they don’t have the bulk. Typically, these strollers have smaller frames and smaller wheels. Keep that in mind if you use this as your everyday strollers since smaller wheels are harder to push for long periods of time. Your baby may find the ride of other standard or full-size strollers more comfortable, but features like recline and seat padding will ensure a good time regardless. If you need a convenience stroller for your next big trip, check out our post on the best travel strollers here!

Best Convenience Strollers

The gb Qbit+ is one of the leading contenders of the convenience stroller category. It has a super compact fold and small frame size, making it perfect for travel. It has a generous sun canopy and comfortable padded seats for your baby. The deep recline is an added bonus to this stroller. With the b Qbit+, you’ll get an excellent stroller that works for travel or for everyday use. Click here to read our full review.

Mountain Buggy Nano
The Mountain Buggy Nano is a popular choice amongst parents. It is the only stroller that is infant car seat compatible as well as convertible car seat compatible! This is one the best strollers for infants and toddlers alike. This unique convenience stroller will work with all families. Check out our full review here!

Baby Jogger City Tour
Another stroller in the Baby Jogger Family, the City Tour is a lightweight travel companion. At only 14 pounds, it can be brought around the city or on your next vacation with ease. It has a super compact fold, and a backpack style carrying bag for easy transportation. The near-flat recline will be perfect for naps on the go and the big sun canopy will keep your baby protected from harmful UV rays. Click here to read our full review.

Features to Consider When Buying a Standard Stroller

For each family, their stroller needs and wants differ vastly. There are 28 pieces of criteria that you should think about before purchasing a standard stroller. If you are a family who likes to take walks, look into three-wheeled strollers. If you live in a city, you may want a more compact stroller. Perhaps you frequently take the subway and want a baby stroller that folds easily. Customizing these features to fit your life will help ensure that your stroller is conducive to your lifestyle. To get a better understanding of what you should look for in a stroller, check out or other stroller articles.

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The folding capabilities of a standard stroller can vary widely. Many parents prefer to pick stroller that has one-hand fold. One-hand fold allows parents to hold their baby in one hand and close the stroller with the other. Some strollers have self-standing fold. This is convenient since you won’t have to prop up the stroller once it’s folded. It helps keep the stroller clean because there is no need to keep it on the floor. There are many strollers that have automatic locking. Once the stroller is folded, there is no need to manually lock it.

One-hand fold

As mentioned above, some strollers have one-hand fold. This lets parents hold their baby in one arm and simultaneously closing the stroller with the other. While this feature is not available on all strollers, it’s a nice additional feature.

Ease of Use

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The stroller should be easy to use. This is determined by many factors. One of the most important is how easy the stroller is to push. It’s also important to check the stroller’s grip, the seat recline, brakes, and any other additional features. At the end of the day, you want your stroller to work well and serve its purpose. Does it fold easily? Is your child going to be protected from the sun? Make sure your standard stroller is functional.


You want your stroller to move well. Whatever type of stroller you end up buying, it should be able to maneuver with ease. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time and energy trying to get it to roll. Don’t waste your time fussing over the stroller – make sure it has good maneuverability before you commit to a stroller.


The compactness of the stroller may or not matter to you. If you live in a smaller space, you need a more compact stroller to work in your space. However, many standard strollers are more bulky. The increased space is more comfortable for your baby and you’ll have more storage space available. If you truly need a compact stroller consider an umbrella stroller or a convenience stroller.

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A standard stroller usually is built to last through toddlerhood. It will be with you for years and years. You want to avoid buying a flimsy standard stroller. Since they act as your primary stroller, it needs to withstand daily use. If the stroller is not durable, then you may find yourself needing a new stroller after a short while.


The weight of a standard stroller depends on its construction. Some are extremely lightweight and are less than 15 pounds. Other standard strollers can be up to 30 pounds. If you need to lift your stroller up and down stairs, then it will make more sense to get a lightweight stroller than a full-size stroller with all the bells and whistles. If you truly need a stroller that is lightweight, we have a guide dedicated to lightweight strollers!


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The brakes on your stroller are located by the rear wheels. Some standard strollers have a single brake located between the two wheels. If you live in a hot climate or are taking your stroller on a vacation, you might want flip-flop friendly brakes. Flip –flop friendly brakes won’t ruin your nails and are easy to engage and disengage. Always make sure to lock both brakes when leaving the stroller.


The storage on a standard stroller should be enough to accommodate a diaper bag as well as some other items. Since standard strollers are usually a bit larger than lightweight strollers, they can hold more. The undercarriage basket is also great for shopping. If you have your hands full with shopping bags, you’ll have difficulty pushing the stroller! Some strollers have seat back pockets, which is useful for smaller items like keys and phones.

Child Comfort

Your child’s comfort is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a standard stroller. Luckily, standard strollers are more comfortable than most other stroller types. Seat padding and harness padding is essential for a comfortable ride. The 5-point or 3-point harness will keep your baby securely in the stroller. A large sun canopy is good for keeping the sun out of your infant or toddler’s eyes. It will also protect them from harmful UV rays. Suspension will make the ride smoother for your baby. If they like to take naps while you are out, a deep recline will make that possible.

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Most strollers have a good amount of recline. A full recline is optimal for napping while on the go. Some parents like a full recline because they can use the stroller as a makeshift changing table. Some strollers have one-and recline. This allows parents to recline the seat with only one hand.

Sun Canopy

A big sun canopy is desirable on any baby stroller. The sun canopy is good for keeping the sun out of your baby’s eyes. It also provides protection from the sun rays and prevents sunburns. There are some canopies that have peek-a-boo windows so parents can watch their little one as they walk. There are some sun shades that have mesh inserts that provide ventilation during the hotter months.

Smooth Ride

standard stroller

A full-size stroller typically has a smooth ride. Because they can afford all the bells and whistles, standard strollers usually have features in place to improve the ride fluidity.


The suspension of the stroller helps provide a smooth ride. It absorbs shock. When you run over rocks or other bumps in the road, the suspension system will help keep the stroller stable and the impact won’t be quite as hard. Not only does it help give the standard stroller a smooth ride, it helps make the stroller easier to maneuver and push. Both you and your baby will benefit from stroller suspension. There are some strollers that only have rear-wheel suspension, and while it’s not as good as all-wheel suspension, it’s better than no suspension.

Car Seat Compatibility

Some standard strollers have a travel system option. They are compatible with infant car seats, which is good for newborns. Since infants and newborns are too weak to sit up by themselves, they need more support. A car seat compatible stroller is ideal for young babies. It’s also great for transporting your baby to the car from the stroller and vice versa. Check out our guide to travel system strollers.

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Adjustable Handlebars

If the people who will be using the standard stroller are of differing heights, adjustable handlebars can be valuable. This way, each user will have a comfortable handlebar height to push the stroller. Not all strollers have this option.

Handlebar Height

Getting a baby stroller with the correct handlebar height is important. Using a stroller whose handlebars are too high or too short for you can be frustrating. Some strollers are built with taller or shorter handlebar heights, so it’s important to think about your height in the buying process. Some strollers have adjustable handlebars which allows you to customize the handlebar height.


standard stroller

Having a good grip on the stroller can make the experience more enjoyable. Look for a handlebar that’s suitable for your height. Consider finding a stroller with adjustable handlebars. Also look for strollers that have a foam-covered handlebar. It helps keep the grip comfortable for long periods of time. In addition, there are some strollers can be pushed with one hand, others require two.


Some standard strollers come with accessories with the stroller purchase. Others do not. Popular stroller accessories include a rain cover, a parent console, cup holders, and a child tray. The stroller brand and model dictate the accessory availability. Accessories make the stroller more functional and useable.

Ease of Assembling

Putting together a standard stroller should be pretty easy. Most strollers come partially assembled. They shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to put together. However, some strollers are easier to assemble than others. A screwdriver is the only additional tool that you will need.

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Ease of Cleaning

Your stroller will inevitably get dirty. When that happens, the best way to treat it is with warm water and soap. Some strollers have removable fabric so that you can really scrub away the stains. There are even some that are machine washable!

Child’s Age

Your child’s age will determine what features you need in a stroller. If they are a newborn or infant you need a car seat or bassinet compatible stroller. Young babies need extra support until they are a bit older. If your child is older, you may need a stroller that can accommodate their height and weight. Most strollers can hold up to 50 or 55 pounds!


standard stroller

Some standard strollers are bassinet compatible. This is only used for newborns since they cannot sit upright. Buying a bassinet with a stroller may come at an additional cost. Another option is to get a car seat compatible stroller for your newborn.

Passenger Capacity

If you have more than one child you will need a double stroller to accommodate two children. You can check out our Double Stroller guide for tips on how to pick out a double stroller. If you have one child but are planning on extending your family in the future, a convertible stroller is a great option, too.

Forward or Rear Facing

When your child is younger, they may feel more comfortable facing you as you push them in the stroller. Infant car seats that attach to a stroller will be rear facing. Some strollers give you the option of which way your child faces. As they get older, they may enjoy looking out to the world rather than face backwards.


Do not jog with your standard stroller. Only jogging strollers should be used for jogging since they have the safety features to keep your child safe on a run. There are some standard strollers that work well for walks. If you need a jogging stroller, then this guide to jogging strollers will help you pick out the best jogger for you.

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Rough Terrain

If you take your stroller off of paved surfaces onto gravel or grass, you’ll want a stroller with suspension and large wheels. These features allow the stroller to roll more easily on tough surfaces. If you plan on using your standard stroller mostly on everyday surfaces, then this becomes less important. Most standard strollers work fine on everyday terrain.

Wheel Size

The size of your stroller’s wheels plays into its maneuverability. Larger wheels make the stroller easier to push and roll over rougher terrain. But, large wheels also make the stroller more bulky. Small wheels may not roll as easily, but they are far more compact. Also consider the wheel construction. Plastic wheels are light but you’ll feel more bumps with them. Soft rubber wheels offer a smoother ride.