Jogging Strollers Review Guide

A jogging stroller is designed for the active family. They are built for running or outdoor activities. They have a tough suspensions system, large bike-tire wheels, a large sun canopy, and are very easy to push. Their swivel wheel is great for turning on a dime. Some have hand brakes for greater control when going down hills. They also have run-away straps attached to the handlebar so the stroller doesn’t accidentally roll away. If you are a serious jogger, you will need a jogging stroller that has front swivel wheel lock for greater stability. Jogging strollers are bulky and do not fold up very small, so transporting them may be difficult. A jogging stroller should only be used with children who are 8 months or older. Newborns should not be run with as they do not have the strength required to keep themselves upright. Running with a newborn is dangerous. These baby strollers work well on rougher terrain as well. If you want to be fit and have fun with your baby, a jogging stroller is the option for you.

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Jogging Stroller Usage

Jogging strollers are used for jogging, or walking! Though this may seem obvious, jogging strollers are handier than what’s seen at first glance. They offer the smoothest and safest ride. Jogging strollers can be taken on trails and off-road. They are able to tackle rougher terrain. If you bring your baby jogging stroller to the park, it can easily roll over grass, sand, and wood chips. Gone are the days of getting stuck with your umbrella stroller. Jogging strollers are also used for everyday use. Instead of investing in a standard stroller or a full-size stroller, parents can use a jogging stroller for errands around town. They typically have a large storage basket, which makes grocery shopping a breeze.

Pros of Jogger Strollers

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A jogging stroller is what you need if you plan on going jogging with your baby. It is made specifically to keep your baby safe while you exercise. There are tons of built in features to make it easy to use on runs while catering to baby safety. Hand brakes, a run-away strap, inflatable tires, and suspension allow for a smooth ride while protecting your child. They have extremely smooth and fluid rides. They have front-wheel locking to make it easier to maneuver when running at high speeds or when traveling on tougher surfaces. There is usually a larger sun canopy so that your child will be shielded from the sun. Many are car seat compatible, which is great if you have an infant or newborn. Just be sure to wait until they’re a bit older to run with them.

Cons of Jogger Strollers

Jogging strollers are notorious for being large and bulky. They take up a lot of space. They can also weigh a significant amount. The typical jogging stroller weighs anywhere from 25-35 pounds, though there are a few that are lighter. Some jogging strollers are still large when folded. Take this into consideration if you have a small car. Often, the wheels will pop off in order to make transporting it a bit easier. Because they are so bulky, they don’t do well in tight spaces. On many jogging strollers, the seat has a naturally deep recline. If your baby prefers to sit more upright, they may find this annoying.

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Types of Jogging Strollers

There are variations on Jogging Strollers. They are designed with different intentions. When picking out a jogging stroller your your baby, think about the features and pieces of criteria you are looking for. From cheap jogging strollers, to luxury strollers, to lightweight strollers, there’s something out there to fit your active lifestyle.

Jogging Strollers For Serious Runners

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If you’re a serious jogger, you’ll want a serious jogging stroller! The are the best jogging strollers. The crème de la crème of the jogging stroller world. They have the ins and outs that any jogger could want. You’ll be able to get your exercise in while your baby enjoys the ride in the stroller. The prices of these strollers vary, but expect to pay more than you would for a budget umbrella stroller. Note that  you are paying for a stroller that will work great for your exercise needs, and may be able to double as an everyday stroller. Your baby will love riding in these jogging stroller as much as you love running with them. It’s the perfect bonding activity! For tips on running with a jogging stroller click here! Or, check out our top picks for Best Jogging Stroller of 2017 here !

Budget Jogging Strollers

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Since Jogging Strollers are specialty strollers, they can come with a hefty price tag. But as more and more parents buy jogging strollers, they price has come down. There are some excellent jogging stroller that won’t break the bank. They have all the features of the expensive jogging strollers, but are a lot more cost efficient. A cheap jogging stroller may also be a good option for parents who want a stroller mostly for walking. While jogging is a high impact activity that takes a toll on the stroller, walking is far gentler. For walking, jogging  baby strollers need to be less robust and therefore are often less expensive. You should not compromise on safety features to save money. Your baby’s safety should always be first and foremost.

Lightweight Jogging Strollers

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Many Jogging strollers are extremely heavy. A few models exceed 30 pounds! With a child in the stroller, the weight can total 60 pounds or more! This is extremely heavy, especially if you need to load it in your car or take up stairs. Running should be your workout, not trying to lift a stroller! We have written an article outlining the Best Lightweight Jogging Strollers Under 25 Pounds, click here to read it! Having a lightweight stroller is a good option for parents in apartment buildings or who have some back or arm injuries. These baby strollers do not sacrifice performance for weight. Some features, such as a handbrake, may make your baby stroller heavier. You can also check out our lightweight stroller guide for more stroller recommendations.

Walking Strollers

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There are some jogging strollers out there that are suited for those who primarily use them for walking. They may not be built as tough as a their jogging-oriented counterparts, but they’re great for jaunts around town or through the park. Their 3-wheel build is excellent for navigating the grocery store, the playground, or the neighborhood. They the perfect hybrid between exercise and everyday use! These are great for parents who are not going to be running miles with their jogging stroller, but they still want to get their exercise in. The advantage of getting a jogging stroller over a standard stroller is how easy they are to maneuver and push around for long periods of time. Check out our standard stroller guide. Standard strollers have many features that will still allow you to comfortably go on walks with your baby but may be less bulky!

Double Jogging Stroller

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Double Jogging strollers accommodate more than one child. If you have multiple children, you can purchase a double stroller to take both of them running with you. Double joggers are usually side-by-side strollers, as opposed to be tandem strollers. While it’s a bulky piece of equipment, it’s designed for a smooth and comfortable ride for your kids and you. Double jogging strollers are the same the single strollers, but they accommodate two children. They have a good suspension system, a three-wheel construction, bike tire wheels, and intense durability. Enjoy some exercise and sunshine with your babies! Keep in mind that jogging strollers are already big and bulky pieces of equipment. A double jogging stroller is even larger! However, having this type of specialty double stroller is perfect for the active family.

Features to consider when buying a Jogging stroller

Before you decide on what stroller to purchase, there are 28 pieces of criteria that can impact your decision. Some features may not matter to you, while others are extremely important. Customizing these features is how you ultimately choose a baby stroller. To get a better understanding of what each of these criteria mean, our guide on How to Pick the Perfect Stroller should help out! Or go check out our other stroller articles!

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A jogging stroller won’t have the most compact fold. Although, some jogger strollers do have one-hand folding capabilities, many jogging strollers have a feature where users can pop off the rear wheels so it’s a bit smaller. If you have a small or compact car, double-check the dimensions of a folded jogging stroller. Some are so bulky that they are only able to fit in SUVs and large cars. If you live in a small apartment and have limited space, make sure your jogging stroller can fit without too much hassle.

One-hand fold

Some baby strollers will have a one-hand fold feature. This allows parents to collapse their stroller with one hand and simultaneously hold their baby. There are some jogging strollers that have this feature, but it is less common. The Thule Urban Glide is a fantastic jogging stroller that has one-hand fold

Ease of Use

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A jogging stroller should be easy to maneuver. It should be able to be pushed around with minimal effort. Your run should be the workout. You shouldn’t be wasting your time or energy trying to get the stroller to move. A jogging stroller has large, inflatable wheels to make it easier to roll on rough terrain. The front wheel locks to make it easier to push while running. Otherwise, the wheel may drift off in an unwanted direction. There is also front wheel tracking that allows the user to adjust the wheel so the stroller does not pull left or right. Also consider handlebar height. The correct height is important for comfortable use.


Maneuvering your jogging stroller is one of the most important pieces or criteria to consider. There are many features implemented in joggers that aid maneuverability. One of the most common is front-wheel locking. When the front wheel is locked, it prevents the stroller from jerking left or right during your run. At a fast pace, this is crucial for stability. Front-wheel tracking lets users adjust the position the wheel locks in. This prevents drifting left or right since you are able to correct it. The bike tire wheels on a jogging stroller allow it to roll over bumps and small obstacles with ease. They also make the ride a lot more fluid. The suspension system makes pushing a stroller a lot les difficult. It is also a necessary safety component in a jogging stroller.


Jogging strollers are not compact. Even when folded, they take up a fair amount of space. You should keep this in mind if your home or car is tight on space. As aforementioned, many jogging strollers have detachable rear wheels to make it easier to transport or store. Look up the stroller dimensions to determine how realistic it is to buy a jogging stroller. If you have more than one child, a double stroller will take up even more space than a single stroller would

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Joggers tend to be one of the most durable strollers on the market. This type of baby stroller is built to take on some tough conditions. From wooded trails to the sandy beach, jogging strollers are able to take on rough terrain without falling apart. A jogging stroller will be with you for years to come. If you decide to expand your family in the future, then you can be confident that your jogger stroller will still be in tip top shape for your next child.


Jogging strollers are heavy. Almost none are under 20 pounds, and most are closer to the 30 pounds mark. Some even exceed the 30 pound threshold. Jogging strollers have many built in features that contribute to their weight, but these features make it suitable for jogging. We’ve compiled a list of the best jogging strollers under 25 pounds since we know that a 35 pound stroller is not the most appealing thing out there. If you truly need a lightweight stroller, consider getting an umbrella stroller since those are the most lightweight.


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There are two types of brakes on jogging strollers. The first is the traditional foot brake. They can vary in design, but usually, the user needs to step on a foot pedal, or two, depending on the design. Some joggers have hand brakes. A hand brake is located on the handlebar. This allows parents to slow the stroller when descending hills. It ensures that the stroller doesn’t get away from you on declines. Hand brakes are not standard on all jogging strollers.


Storage on a jogging stroller is usually plentiful. You’ll be able to bring a diaper bag and any other necessities directly onboard. There are some jogging strollers that have mesh pockets accessible to the child. This is perfect for storing snacks, a drink, or even a toy! A parent console and child tray are other popular storage features. A few jogging strollers have a zipper closure for the undercarriage storage basket so your belongings don’t fall out while running.

Child Comfort

Child comfort is extremely important on a jogging stroller. The stroller needs to be able to absorb the shock and impact from the road and running. A good suspension system will ensure that the shocks are absorbed. The tires on a jogger are big and inflatable. This allows them to grip the ground and roll over rocks and small bumps without causing the stroller to jerk around. Most jogging stroller are able to recline, which is perfect for napping. A large sun canopy will allow your little one to enjoy the shade, even on the hottest of days. Make sure you look for a jogging stroller that has plenty of padding. A 5-point harness is also a good option. With a 5 point harness your child is less likely to escape the confines of the stroller.

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The reclining feature on a jogging stroller will allow your baby to take a nap while you get your workout in. A deeper recline is preferable since it will mimic a bed and it’s more likely that your child will nap in it. If you baby never sleeps while in a stroller, a recline seat not be as important for you to consider when picking out a stroller.

Sun Canopy

You will want a big sun canopy on your jogging stroller. When you run outside, your baby will be out in the sun. A large sunshade will protect your baby from sunburns and UV rays. Many sun canopies have a peek-a-boo window that lets parents keep an eye on their child. Sometimes, sun canopies have mesh windows to add some ventilation on hot days. There are even some models that have SPF protection built into the canopy.

Smooth Ride

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A baby stroller with a smooth ride is easier to push and more enjoyable for your baby. A smooth ride is a culmination of a few different factors. The first is the suspension system. It will absorb the shocks created from rocks and other bumps in the road. The next factor is the tires. The larger the tires, the easier it is to push. It can wheel over obstacles with ease. The tires on jogging strollers are usually inflatable. The inflatable tires will take on some of the shock as well. They have some give to make the stroller float over debris.


A jogging stroller needs to have suspension. Suspension keeps your baby safe and makes the stroller easier to maneuver over rough terrain. Think of it as a spring system that will absorb the shock created from running over bumps. A shock absorption suspension system is one of the reasons not all strollers can be used for exercise.

Car Seat Compatibility

Some jogging strollers are car seat compatible. A travel system option is great for newborns and infants. If they happen to fall asleep in the stroller, they can be transported to the car without waking them up. After all, no one likes waking a sleeping baby. Whether or not your jogger is compatible with an infant car seat, you should not run with your baby in a stroller until they are 6-8 months old! Check out our travel system strollers guide for strollers that have car seat compatibility!

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Adjustable Handlebars

Having a jogging stroller with adjustable handlebars is crucial! Not only does it make the stroller easier to push for long periods of time, but it’s considerably more comfortable and enjoyable. Adjustable handlebars let parents of differing heights to get an equally comfortable grip. Instead of picking a stroller based on your height, the baby stroller adjusts to your needs.

Handlebar Height

To get the best performance from your jogging stroller, you need a handlebar that suits your height. A handlebar that it either too high or too low will not be comfortable. Look for the Goldilocks’ perfect height – just right. You can also get a stroller with an adjustable handlebar to suit people of differing heights.


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Jogging strollers have one continuous handlebar that is great for pushing with one hand. They are usually padded for a good grip even if your hands get sweaty from exercise. Some handlebars boast a handbrake, though this is not always available. A handbrake is used to slow the stroller when going down hills. It helps make sure that the stroller doesn’t accidentally get away from you. You should always wear the safety strap for this reason.


Jogging strollers usually have some form of accessories available. They may or may not come included with the stroller purchase. A cup holder is a popular add-on since you’ll be able to have your water easily accessible. A parent console is another accessory that parent’s enjoy. You may want to consider getting a child tray so your baby can have a drink or snack available to them. Accessories make your stroller adapt to your needs. Amazon or the brand’s website are good places to see what accessories will work with your jogger.

Ease of Assembling

Jogging strollers are easy to assemble. Most likely, it will come mostly assembled and leave you with minimal work to connect the parts together. Within no times, your stroller will be ready for a quick run around town!

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Ease of Cleaning

Your jogging stroller is bound to get dirty.Often, a jogging stroller will have a plastic covering on the footrest so you can wipe away dirt with ease. The best way to treat stains is to spot treat with soap and warm water.

Child’s Age

Most Jogger strollers will be able to accommodate your child until they reach about 50 pounds. However, it is becoming more and more common for jogging strollers to work with children up to 75 pounds! That’s the size of an average 7 year old child! When your baby is under 6 months old, they should use an infant car seat to keep them safe. When they are that small, you should not run with them in the stroller. Wait until they are about 8 months old before you take them on a run with you!


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A bassinet is a device used to transport newborns. Babies are unable to sit up themselves, and so they need to be laid down when being transported in a stroller. Often, bassinets are not compatible with jogging stroller. However, you can use an infant car seat instead. The Bumbleride Speed is one of the few jogging strollers that is bassinet compatible!

Passenger Capacity

A single jogging stroller will accommodate just one child. A double jogging stroller is used to run with two children. Depending on how many children you have or are planning to have, you can opt for a single stroller or a double stroller. Jogging strollers are unable to accommodate more than two children at once. We have a guide to help you select the best double stroller!

Forward or Rear Facing

Jogging strollers are forward facing, unless they are being used with an infant car seat. You should not run with your child in the stroller unless they are able to face forward.


A jogging stroller is designed for jogging, so jog away! Other strollers are not built to take the impact of jogging, and therefore you should not use them for exercise purposes. It can also be dangerous for your baby if you are running with them in a non-jogging stroller. Make sure to get a jogging stroller if you plan on using it for running or trails. These are the best Jogging Strollers of 2017!

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Rough Terrain

Jogging strollers are able to maneuver on rough terrain. Their suspension systems allow them to glide over bumps without compromising the integrity of the ride. The large wheels roll over obstacles without getting stuck in every miniscule crack or crevice. If you are using your jogging stroller on trails or other rough terrain, then a jogging stroller is the way to go.

Wheel Size

Jogging strollers have large wheels. Large wheels allow the stroller to roll effortlessly. It takes less energy to make the stroller move. This is ideal for running since you won’t have to exert too much energy to make the stroller go. Jogging stroller wheels are typically made out of the same materials as bike tires. These inflatable tires are desirable for jogging as they are able to grip the ground for better traction. It makes the stroller more stable as you run at high speeds.

Popular Jogger Strollers

These are some of the most popular and best jogging strollers on the market. It’s just a small selection of all the jogging stroller available on the market. Finding the best jogging stroller for your family may be daunting, but these fan favorites may help you narrow your search.


Thule Urban Glide
The Thule Urban Glide is a popular jogger stroller designed for the serious runner. While it does not have a hand brake, the functionality of this stroller is top notch. The Thule Urban Glide is an extremely lightweight jogging stroller that will be easy to transport. The lightweight stroller is suitable for all families. It’s a versatile jogging stroller that can double as your everyday stroller.


Bumbleride Speed
The Bumbleride Speed is a fantastic jogging stroller that will be with your family from day one until your child outgrows it. The Bumbleride Speed is bassinet and car seat compatible. It’s easy to use and serious joggers will be more than content running with it. This stroller is constructed with eco-friendly materials that are green and safer for your baby.


BOB Revolution Flex
The BOB Flex is a cult favorite amongst serious joggers. Though it’s rather large in size, this stroller will be ideal for anyone who is passionate about running. It’s similar to the BOB Revolution Pro, but it lacks a handbrake. If you can live without a handbrake, we recommend the Revolution Flex over the BOB Revolution Pro. It’s also a hair cheaper.


Bob Revolution Pro
Similar to the BOB Revolution Flex, the BOB Revolution Pro is the ultimate running mate. This well-constructed baby stroller will be your trusty companion for all future runs. It’s on the heavier side at 30 pounds, but the stroller is ready for all conditions you throw at it. The BOB Revolution Pro does have a heavy price tag, but you are truly getting an excellent jogging stroller


Baby Jogger Summit X3
The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is a popular choice among active families. It can take on whatever terrain you throw at it. It has an absolutely giant sun canopy that is sure to protect your baby on all your outdoor expeditions. The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is sure to please whatever family decides to buy it!


BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller
This double stroller is designed for families with multiple children. It’s the double stroller variation of the BOB Revolution Flex Single Stroller. On your runs or walks, you’ll be able to fit both you’re your babies into this stroller. It’s great for older children too if they get tired of walking.


Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight
The Joovy Zoom is another great jogging stroller option! It’s a cheap jogging stroller that does not compromise utility for price. With the Joovy Groove, you can feel confident that you are getting a great deal on an inexpensive stroller. It’s user friendly and extremely compact when folded, a unique trait for a jogging stroller.


Baby Trend Expedition
The Baby Trend Expedition jogger is another budget friendly jogging stroller option. This jogging stroller is best suited for walks or light jogging. The serious jogger may not find it to be the best option for hardcore runs. But if you are looking for a great stroller to use for daily walks, this is a great option. The Baby Trend Expedition as double stroller variation as well: the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger!

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How We Rate Strollers

There are hundreds and hundreds of jogging strollers on the market. When reviewing jogging strollers, we begin by going through and identifying the criteria that parents truly care about. We have identified 28 pieces of criteria, as listed above. From there, we read through thousands of stroller reviews by users. User’s opinion is the most valuable since they have used the stroller outside of a lab. They know what it is good at, what it is okay at, and what the stroller is bad at. Their opinion is based on real life experience. Once we’ve synthesized what users are saying, we supplement the information from expert reviews. Experts have the technical knowledge to evaluate baby stroller performance. Once we gather the information, we talk to family and friends to get their insight into strollers. And finally, we compile all this information to give you authentic reviews that you can’t get anywhere else.