Double Strollers Review Guide

A double stroller can accommodate two children at once. They come in various styles including tandem, side-by-side, and convertible. A tandem stroller is when one child sit in front of the other. Tandem strollers are more narrow and better for navigating through cities and smaller spaces. They are better suited for children of two different ages as the older child can ride in the back and the younger in the front. Side-by-side strollers are built so that both seats are next to each other. These strollers are wider, but they are better for twins. Some side-by-side strollers are umbrella strollers and are easier to take on trips. Convertible strollers start with just one seat, but as your family grows, another seat may be added to accommodate your new baby. This type of stroller is great for families who may not be sure whether they want to expand their family. Convertible strollers are also more durable than some other strollers, but some may be bulky. Double strollers come in tons of different styles: jogging, umbrella, standard, 3-wheeled, etc. Whatever your growing family needs, there’s a double stroller out there for you.

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Double Stroller Usage

A double baby stroller is used for families with more than one young child. This allows parents to push both children simultaneously. A double stroller has all the features of a single stroller, but it has space for multiple children. There are various forms of jogging strollers that serve different purposes. There are double jogging strollers, compact travel strollers, side-by-side strollers, tandem strollers, sit and stand strollers. Each has advantages and disadvantages, just like all other strollers. Double strollers tend to be heavier and bulkier than single strollers. Given the additional seat, it makes sense that these double strollers are larger than their single counterparts.

Pros of Double Strollers

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The number one reason parents choose to purchase a double stroller is that they can hold two children at once! If you are running errands with your children, you can put them in the stroller to make your life easier. Dragging children around town to run errands is nearly impossible. A double stroller is a great way to get children to cooperate. And, there are many different double stroller options to make parents’ lives easier. If you decide to expand your family in the future, you’ll be able to plop them into the double stroller and not have to worry about getting two strollers. Because double strollers are made for two children, double strollers are built to be durable. They are able to withstand some wear and tear of everyday use. If you plan on traveling with babies or young kids, then a double stroller will prove invaluable. Children won’t be able to walk around all day on their own. Having the option to put them in the stroller is necessary for all long trips.

Cons of Double Strollers

Double Strollers are big and bulky. They need to be bigger to accommodate multiple children. If you live in an apartment or are tight on space, you should consider how you would store a double stroller. Tandem strollers are more narrow but hard to maneuver. Double strollers also tend to be more expensive than a single stroller. Double strollers are heavy! The weight of the stroller plus the weight of two children is a lot to push around for long periods of time. Get ready for that arm workout!

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Types of Double Strollers

There are many types of double strollers. For every type of single stroller, there is a double stroller counterpart. In addition to those different double stroller categories, there are different seating layouts as well. Double strollers come in all different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. For whatever you needs are, there is a double stroller out there to meet your needs.

Tandem Strollers

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A tandem stroller is when the seats are placed one in front of the other. This prevents the stroller from being too wide. These strollers are great for children of different ages. The older one can sit in the front and look around. Typically, tandem strollers have the ability to recline for additional comfort, but most do not have a full recline. There are some tandem strollers that are infant car seat compatible, giving you the option of transforming the double stroller into a double stroller baby travel system. A big con of Tandem strollers is that it’s much harder to access the child who sits in the rear seat. The tandem stroller is the best double stroller for infant and toddler.

Side-By-Side Strollers

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A side-by-side stroller is a double stroller with both children sitting next to each other. This layout is preferable for twins since neither gets a “better” seat. The view from their seats are equal and one is not in front of the other. Side-by-side strollers tend to be wider, since the seats are placed adjacent to each other. Very few side-by-side strollers are infant car seat compatible. These twin strollers are shallower than tandem strollers and are, in general, easier to push and maneuver. It’s also far easier to access both children in a side-by-side double stroller.

Double Umbrella Strollers

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Umbrella strollers don’t just come in single stroller form. They are also built as double strollers. The Double umbrella strollers is fantastic for families who are on the go or travel a lot. They are more compact, which is ideal for bringing onto transportation. They take up far less space than some other double strollers. A double umbrella stroller has j-shaped handles and small wheels. Though this makes it somewhat harder to push around, the lightweight construction and easy fold makes it desirable for those who travel. If you live in a city this is a great option since they are easy to store and can be moved up and down stairs without causing a scene. Read our umbrella stroller guide for a more in depth review of umbrella double strollers.

Double Jogging Strollers

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Jogging with your babies is doable with a double jogging stroller! These joggers are designed for exercising with one or more children. These are side-by-side strollers with three wheels. They maneuver easily and a good for parents who enjoy and active lifestyle. While single jogging strollers are bulky, these are even bulkier. They are also heavy! Many are over 30 pounds in weight! You’ll truly be getting a workout when using a double jogging stroller. These strollers have good maneuverability, perform well on rough terrain, have a good suspension system, and have large sun canopies. They’re the perfect accessory for an active family. Check out our jogging stroller guide for more information about jogging strollers!

Budget Double Stroller

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These inexpensive double strollers perform well and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. They are affordable without compromising on features or usability. Even if you do not want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a double stroller, these cheap double strollers will suit your needs. Some parents choose to get an inexpensive double stroller to take traveling with them. When traveling with a cheap stroller, the stroller can get a bit beat up and worn out without worry. If a cheap double stroller gets damaged during transit, the main everyday stroller is still at home, safe and sound. Buying a budget stroller is great as a secondary stroller. Or if your children don’t seem to enjoy strollers, a cheap double stroller is great for occasional use.

Convertible Stroller

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A convertible stroller is a single stroller that allows an additional seat to be attached. This converts it from a single stroller to a double stroller. These are best for parents who are unsure whether or not they are going to be expanding their family. A convertible stroller can be used as a single stroller at first, but when baby 2 comes into the picture, parents can add another seat to transform it into a double stroller. It is also a good option for families with children of differing ages. Infants and toddlers can enjoy convertible strollers equally! Convertible strollers are usually tandem. Some have a continuous frame that allows the seat position to be changed to accommodate your growing family at whatever age they are.

Features to consider when buying a Double stroller

Double Strollers, like all other baby strollers, have different features to consider. There are 28 different pieces of criteria to consider before you decide which double stroller to purchase. Picking which of these stroller criteria matter to you will help you find the best stroller. We have a ton of other stroller guides so you can pick the best double stroller.

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Depending on what type of double stroller you purchase, folding may not be that compact. Double umbrella strollers are very compact and perfect for traveling. Double jogging strollers will still be large when folded. Some strollers have one-hand fold. This allows parents to collapse the stroller with only one hand. It’s useful when you have children running around or when you have your arms full. Some strollers have self-standing fold. This is the ability for the stroller to stand upright when folded. It eliminates the need to prop it up or lay the stroller on the ground.

One-hand fold

One-hand fold lets parents close the stroller using only one hand. It’s a good feature for parents with more than one child. With children running around, an easy closure is necessary. With a one-hand fold, parents can hold a child while collapsing the stroller. While it is not available on all strollers, it does provide some convenience.

Ease of Use

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Double baby strollers are notorious for being fussy. But that’s an old stereotype. Nowadays, double strollers have transformed from clunky and awkward pieces of equipment into become streamlined and offer a great user experience. Features like suspension make double strollers easier to push. There are also features built in for parents, such as a parent console or easy-to-use foot brakes. Some strollers have adjustable handlebars to make it more comfortable for parents. When buying a double stroller, you want to make sure that it is easy to use and won’t give you a headache every time you put your kids in it.


Maneuvering a double stroller can vary widely. The easiest double stroller to maneuver is a jogging stroller. These have a swivel wheel to allow it to turn on command. The front when can also lock during vigorous exercise or when traveling on rough terrain. Large wheels and suspension make stroller easier to maneuver. For this reason, umbrella strollers tend to be more difficult to maneuver. However, they are more compact, which serves well in small places. But, pushing a double umbrella stroller for a long period of time becomes tedious. Tandem strollers may be harder to maneuver since they tend to be longer. This extra length makes turning more difficult. A three-wheeled stroller can turn more easily. Be mindful of how easy the stroller is to push, because with two kids in it, maneuverability is crucial.


Double strollers are not typically compact. Since they are built for two children, they need an extra seat. Umbrella strollers are more compact, but a double jogging stroller is definitely not. Side-by-side strollers could have some difficulty fitting into some doorways. A tandem double stroller is just as narrow as a single stroller, but it tends to be longer as the children sit one behind the other. If you need a compact double stroller, an umbrella double stroller or a convertible stroller are your best options. If you can afford a bit more space, you have some flexibility in your choice of baby strollers.

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Double strollers are quite durable. They must be able to sustain continued use with multiple children over the course of toddlerhood. If you have a convertible stroller you want to make sure that it will be in good shape for baby number one, as well as baby number two. Look for a well-built frame structure and tough materials. If it’s flimsy, then the stroller will quickly fall apart.


Due to their large construction, double strollers tend to be heavier than a single stroller. There are many components that contribute to the stroller’s weight. The frame, the additional features, the brakes, and the seat materials all add to the total weight. Umbrella strollers tend to be the lightest, and a double umbrella stroller is no exception. There are some double strollers whose weight is over 30 pounds. Jogging strollers and convertible strollers are on the heavier side. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and there are some excellent lightweight double strollers out there. Our lightweight stroller guide will help you find a stroller that is not too heavy!


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Brakes on a double stroller are located on the rear wheels. If there are two brake pedals, engage both to ensure that your stroller doesn’t accidentally roll away when you turn your head. If you live in warmer climates or are taking your stroller on vacation, or to a theme park, consider getting a stroller with flip-flop friendly brakes. This will allow you to lock the brakes without messing up your pedicure!


Because double strollers are larger than single strollers, the amount of storage space is greater. This allows you to bring your diaper bag and store it directly in the stroller’s undercarriage storage basket. Especially with two kids, you’ll have a lot of gear to carry around, and it’s inconvenient to carry a bad around your shoulders. Storage is also important if you are going shopping. It’s almost impossible to push a stroller while carrying bags in your hands. A large storage basket is a necessity if you plan on traveling with your stroller since your days will be long and you’ll have a ton of necessities to bring around with you.

Child Comfort

The most important thing is how comfortable your babies are in the stroller. If they do not enjoy being in the stroller, then the stroller is useless. There are many features that contribute to child comfort. The first and foremost is padding. Make sure that the seat and harness straps are adequately padded for maximum comfort. You also want to check for a good suspension system. This will make the ride smoother for your children. Suspension will absorb the shock created from going over bumps in the road. Large wheels also contribute to a smooth ride. A big sun canopy will keep your baby out of the sun and help protect them from harmful UV rays. A recline feature is another great thing to have on your stroller. It lets your babies sleep while you are running around. Also look for a 5 point harness. A 3 point harness may also be suitable.

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Not all double stroller have full recline. Recline lets your baby nap while you are busy going around town. It increases the child’s comfort in the stroller. Some strollers have one-hand recline, so if you have your Starbucks in one hand, you are still able to engage the recline feature.

Sun Canopy

A large sun canopy is great for days out in the sun. It will help keep the sun out of your toddler’s eyes while you roam around town. It also helps protect them from harmful sunrays. You don’t want you baby to get sunburnt! There are some sun canopies that have built in SPF for additional sun protection! On a tandem stroller, the child who sits in the rear will have greater sun protection than the child in the front.

Smooth Ride

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A double stroller should have a smooth ride so it does not disrupt your children. There are various factors that contribute to the stroller’s fluidity. Suspension will make the ride smoother for your children. A suspension system will absorb shock. Running over bumps in the road won’t cause your children to jiggle around in their seat. The wheel construction also adds to the smoothness of the ride. Large and inflatable wheels make the ride smoother. Small plastic wheels cannot grip the ground and each bump and crevice will be felt. Rubber wheels are also a good option when evaluating a smooth ride. You want your children to be comfortable in the stroller and a stroller with a smooth ride is one way to ensure they’re content.


The suspension in any stroller is the most important factor when considering how smooth the stroller will roll. If you plan on taking your double stroller on any rough terrain, then the suspension system becomes increasingly important. Think of a suspension system as a set of springs that absorbs shock. Not only does it make the ride steadier, but also, a good suspension system will make the double stroller easier to push. With two children sitting in a stroller, you’ll appreciate having a good suspension system.

Car Seat Compatibility

Not all double strollers are car seat compatible. Those that are infant car seat compatible are good for infants and newborns. An infant car seat will allow you to transfer your babies to and from the stroller without ever having to wake them from slumber. If you frequently drive them around in your car or take taxis, a car seat compatible stroller will make your life easier. It is always nice to have the baby travel system option. Keep in mind that most double strollers that are compatible with infant car seats cannot accommodate a convertible car seat. If you need a stroller that is compatible with infant car seats, consider a double travel system.

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Adjustable Handlebars

Adjustable handlebars allow parents of varying heights to have an equally comfortable experience pushing the double stroller. On double umbrella strollers, the handlebars are usually not height adjustable. If you decide on a stroller that does not have adjustable handlebars, make sure it is a good height for you and any other primary users.

Handlebar Height

Having handlebars that are the right height will make it easier to push. Pushing a stroller whose handlebars are too high or too low will become tedious very quickly. If you are using your double stroller frequently, having the appropriate height will make a huge difference in your comfort.


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The grip on your double stroller is dependent on the variation of your double stroller. For instance, a double umbrella stroller will have J-shaped handles that requires two hands to push. Meanwhile, a jogging or standard double stroller will have one continuous handlebar. Look for a handlebar that has a foam grip. This will make it more comfortable to push for long durations of time.


Double strollers have plenty of accessories that will increase the functionality of your stroller. Cup holders are great for parents who need somewhere to store coffee or water. A child tray is great for snacks and water. Depending on what stroller you end up purchasing, there are a bunch of stroller accessory options. The best place to find accessories is the brand’s website or on amazon!

Ease of Assembling

Again, the easy of assembly depends on the stroller you purchase. In most cases, it will not take more than 20 minutes to have your double stroller fully functioning. The stroller will come with instructions and will not require any tools other than a screwdriver. Even the most un-savvy engineers can put together a stroller in no time.

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Ease of Cleaning

In most cases, to clean your stroller you should use warm water and soap to spot treat any dirty areas. There are some models of double strollers that have detachable fabric that you can throw into the washing machine. If you take your stroller out often, there’s a good chance it’ll need a cleaning every once and awhile.

Child’s Age

Your child’s age can dictate the stroller that you decide to purchase. If you have only one child but want to expand your family in the future, you may want to get a convertible stroller. Or, if you have twins, you may want to get a side-by-side stroller. And if you have newborns or infants, you may opt for a stroller that’s infant car seat compatible. Depending on where your family is, you have different stroller options.


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A bassinet is used for newborns who are not yet old enough to use a stroller sitting upright. While not all double strollers are compatible with a bassinet, there are plenty that can be used with an infant car seat. If you decide that you need a stroller with a bassinet, then you should consider a convertible stroller.

Passenger Capacity

The passenger capacity for double strollers is two children. Convertible strollers begin as single strollers and then grow to add another seat and accommodate two children. They are great for an infant and toddler. Twin strollers are great for families with multiple children, even if they are of different ages. If you decide to expand your family, then you’ll want to take that into account before buying a baby stroller.

Forward or Rear Facing

Most double strollers are forward facing. However, convertible strollers may have the option for your child to rear face. This is convenient for young children who feel more comfortable looking at a familiar face, rather than face forward to the world.


Unless you buy a double jogging stroller, do not run with your children in the stroller. Jogging strollers are designed to take the impacts of running. They are easy to use for runners and they simultaneously keep your babies safe. If you are taking your strollers out on any trials or rough terrain, you will want to buy a jogging stroller. Other strollers may work fine on grass and smooth surfaces. Here are some tips for running with a double stroller.

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Rough Terrain

Double jogging strollers are the best choice for rough terrain. Meanwhile, double umbrella strollers won’t fare well on bumpy surfaces. Double strollers may do fine on grass or wood chips, but for seriously tough terrain, a jogging stroller is the way to go.

Wheel Size

Wheel size has a large impact on how easy it is to push the stroller. Large wheels turn more easily and therefore make the stroller easier to push. With two children riding in a stroller, the larger the wheels are, the easier your life will be. Double umbrella strollers will have much smaller wheels in order to keep the stroller size compact. You’ll feel all the bumps with small wheels.

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Popular Double Strollers

These are some of the some of the best double strollers on the current market. It’s just a list of a few we like, but there are many other double stroller options out there. These include the best double stroller for infant and toddlers.

The Maclaren Twin Triumph
The Maclaren Twin Triumph is a great double umbrella stroller. If you can’t afford loads of space, this stroller is a great option for your family. Its compact build allows you to easily store the stroller. It’s perfect for bring on family trips. Whether it’s a far away airplane journey or a road trip, the Maclaren Twin Triumph is a sturdy little stroller.

Baby Jogger City Select
The Baby Jogger City Select is a convertible stroller. It functions great for a single child, or two! It has a giant storage basket, which city goers find to be a top-selling feature. There are many different ways to position the seats so you can find what works best for your family.

UPPAbaby Vista
The UPPAbaby Vista is another popular convertible stroller. It begins as a single stroller and an additional rumble seat can be added for the second baby. Parents from all walks of life rave about this stroller. If you are planning on doing a lot of walking, the UPPAbaby Vista will be a lifesaver.

Bugaboo Donkey
This is the top of the line double stroller. With this exorbitant price tag, it truly lives up to its cost. This double stroller is narrower than you’d expect. It can be used with one child in one seat and an additional storage system in the other. Or, it can be used as a traditional side-by-side stroller. It is the best of the best.

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie
The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie is a double jogging stroller. It’s a great choice for parents who are serious runners. But even those who won’t be competing in a 10k anytime soon can still enjoy this stroller. It’s great on paved surfaces as well as rough ones. For any active family, this will be the best investment you’ll make.

Bumbleride Indie Twin
This is a standard stroller that accommodates two children. The Bumbleride Indie Twin is the double stroller version of the Bumbleride Indie. This brand is notable for their well constructed strollers that are eco-friendly! They don’t use harmful chemicals in the manufacturing of their stroller. Your babies will be safe from chemical dangers in this stroller. And, it’s fantastic for everyday use!

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller
The double stroller version of a popular city stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller is every parent’s dream. It’s rather compact for a side-by-side stroller and it rolls well. Your children will be content riding in the City Mini.

Joovy Scooter X2
The Joovy Scooter X2 is an affordable double stroller. It’s a side-by-side stroller that is incredibly user friendly. For such a cheap double stroller, the Joovy Scooter X2 exceeds expectations and performs as well or better than many high-end double strollers. It maneuvers well and your children will enjoy the ride.

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How We Rate Strollers

There are hundreds and hundreds of jogging strollers on the market. When reviewing jogging strollers, we begin by going through and identifying the criteria that parents truly care about. We have identified 28 pieces of criteria, as listed above. From there, we read through thousands of stroller reviews by users. User’s opinion is the most valuable since they have used the stroller outside of a lab. They know what it is good at, what it is okay at, and what the stroller is bad at. Their opinion is based on real life experience. Once we’ve synthesized what users are saying, we supplement the information from expert reviews. Experts have the technical knowledge to evaluate baby stroller performance. Once we gather the information, we talk to family and friends to get their insight into strollers. And finally, we compile all this information to give you authentic reviews that you can’t get anywhere else.