What to Put on Your Baby Registry

Congrats on having a baby! While this time is extremely exciting, it’s important to get ready for the arrival of your little one. There’s a lot of prep to do, and limited time to do it! Many parents choose to use a baby registry to get some help in the baby preparations. With so many products and options out there, picking the right products can be stressful. Here are our recommendations on products you should include. Be mindful that you should customize your list to fit your family’s needs and lifestyle.


A Travel System Stroller

Most parents will need a stroller to transport their baby around. When you’re out and about and running errands, a good stroller will be your new best friend. A travel system stroller is a combination of a baby stroller and an infant car seat. These are great for newborns because newborns and infants are too small to use a stroller alone. They need to use a stroller with a car seat since they do not have the strength to hold themselves up safely. A travel system stroller also eliminates the need to get a separate infant car seat! With a travel system stroller, you can feel confident your baby will be safe wherever you take them! Check out this guide to travel system strollers to help you make a decision on which stroller to put on your registry!

travel system

Meal Subscriptions

Babies are time consuming. Sometimes the last thing on your mind is creating a meal from scratch. With meal subscription services like HelloFresh or Blue Apron, you can get that authentic home-cooked meal without the hassle.

Baby Clothes

Though your baby won’t be small for too long, it’s always nice to dress them up. By putting baby clothes on your registry, you can make sure your baby looks great on every occasion. Try asking your friend and family for clothes of different sizes so you can take advantage of the clothes as your baby grows.

baby clothes

A Babysitting Service

If you need a date night or just some time away from your baby, a gift card or credit for a babysitter will be greatly appreciated. It’s nice to know that your baby will be well cared for while you take some time for yourself.


A Humidifier

Babies tend to get stuffy and congested. Having a humidifier will help relieve their coughs and colds. It’s also great for preventing dry skin! It’s an easy way to keep your baby happy and healthy.


A Baby Monitor

A Baby Monitor will help you keep an eye out on your little one even when you aren’t in the room with them. They’re great for keeping in the kitchen, or on your nightstand. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that you can watch out for your baby from anywhere in the house!

baby monitor

A Bathing Tub

Babies can’t take showers! By putting a baby tub on your registry, it will help make future baths a whole lot easier! There are some that will accommodate a slightly older baby and there are also some that fit directly in your sink. Depending on what you think you’ll need, it’s a definite necessity.


A Diaper Bag

There are tons of different types of diaper bags on the market. We love the backpack style. When you are running around, it’s nice to have your hands free! A backpack style diaper bag offers convenience (and style!). Babies require a lot of stuff, so it’s nice to have a bag dedicated to all their needs. It’s always best to be prepared!

diaper bag

A Portable Crib

While you might already have a regular crib for your baby, a portable one can come in handy. If you decide to take an overnight trip to Grandma’s house or you decide to go on a vacation, a portable crib will ensure your baby ‘s accommodation is taken care of.



Reading to your baby is a great way to bond and stimulate their brain! Add some baby books onto your registry. To save money, you can also ask your friends for pre-owned books! There’s nothing more iconic than reading Goodnight Moon to your little one!

goodnight moon book

A High Chair

Feeding babies is not the most straightforward process. It can get really messy really quickly. Having a high chair will be a lifesaver for feeding times! Not only can your baby sit at the table with you, but it makes it easier to actually feed them. When they get a little older, it will be useful as they begin to feed themselves.



Whether you choose to use disposable or cloth diapers for your baby, they’re a necessity. The cost of diapers can add up quickly, so this is something you may want to ask for help on!

baby registry

However you decide to create your baby registry and whatever you decide to put on there, it’ll be a huge help once the baby arrives! Pick and choose products that fit your life and your family’s needs. Having a well thought-out baby registry will make your life much easier in the months and years to come!

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