Top 10 Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

Running with your baby can be a fun bonding experience. Not only do you get to spend time with you baby in the great outdoors, but you are also getting your exercise in at the same time! By using a jogging stroller, you can safely workout with your baby. Other strollers do not have the safety features that jogging strollers do. These baby stroller running tips will help make your run more enjoyable and help keep your baby safe. Also check out all our stroller reviews.

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Wait Until Your Baby is Old Enough

Never run with a newborn. Your baby should be at least 6-8 months old before you can run with them. Babies who are younger do not have the strength to hold themselves upright. It’s dangerous to run with babies who are too young or too small. If you are unsure if your child is old enough, then it’s a good idea to ask the pediatrician.

Prepare for the Worst

When you leave the house for a run with your baby, make sure you have everything you could need. Grab a blanket, toys, diapers, snacks, drinks – whatever you may need, bring it. The last thing you want is to be far from your home when you need something. These things will also help keep your baby entertained. Basically, if you could potentially need it, pack it.

Time Your Runs Before or After Naps

Try to time your run to happen before your baby is supposed to nap. This way, the run will help tire them out and hopefully they’ll be able to fall asleep while you get your exercise in. Alternatively, if you know your baby will be fussy and bothered being put in the stroller before their nap, run with them afterwards. The nap will help them stay calm. It depends on what your baby prefers, but timing your runs around naps can be beneficial.

Strap your baby in!

Though this may seem obvious, but it’s important to properly strap in your baby. This way, you can feel confident that your baby is safe during your run. Your jogging stroller should have a robust harness (either 3-point or preferably 5-point harness) to keep your baby securely strapped in.

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Plan your route accordingly

On your first run, don’t tackle the largest hill. Stick to flat surfaces until you get the hang of running with a jogging stroller. Running with a stroller is already difficult and can wear out your arms. Save the hills until you build up some strength and confidence. You should also avoid routes with a lot of cars. Picking a trail in the park or running on the sidewalk are two options that keep you and your baby off of the road.

Remember to switch arms when you are pushing

You might find that you are more comfortable pushing the stroller with one of your arms. However, it’s important that you remember to use both arms equally! Otherwise, one of your arms may be extremely sore in the morning! You can also push the stroller with both arms, especially when going up or down hills.

Don’t be alarmed by your pace

joovy zoom jogging strollerDon’t worry if you are going slower than usual. Jogging strollers are heavy! Pushing an extra 30-50 pounds is no easy task and your pace may suffer. The more you jog, the faster you’ll become. Also – just imagine how light and easy your races will feel without the stroller!

Be attentive to your child during your run

Don’t just assume they’re okay. Some parents like to talk to their child during the run. Hearing mom or dad’s voice can be soothing to your children. Some parents like to run to the park, let their child play for a bit, and then run back. This helps break up the monotony of the run. Chasing after your kid at the playground can be a workout too!

Expect to stop

Running with a baby is far different than running alone. Your baby might decide it’s fun to throw their toys onto the road. Or they might drop something unexpectedly. Maybe you need to stop to get them a snack. Perhaps they need a diaper change. Don’t expect to have an uninterrupted jogging session. There will be lots of stops along the way.

Have fun!

Your child will only be this small for a short time. They grow up quickly so savor these moments you get to spend with them!

If you are looking to buy a jogging stroller, check out our guide to jogging strollers! It’ll help you find the right jogging stroller for you and your baby. And, if you have any questions or concerns about running with your baby, ask your pediatrician. They can help make sure your baby is safe while you work out. Also check out our blog for other best strollers reviewed by us and more tips and tricks!

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