How Many Strollers Do I Need to Buy?

Though it may not be completely obvious to new parents, finding the perfect baby stroller is impossible. Most parents buy two to three strollers for their baby. Depending on your living circumstances, the individual stroller that parents buy may vary. However, parents typically opt for an everyday stroller and a travel stroller. This combination will suit most parents for the first few years of parenting.


Everyday Stroller


standard strollersFor an everyday stroller, most parents will want to get a standard stroller. This type of stroller is usually a bit larger, but offers a comfortable ride for your baby. There are tons of differently designed standard strollers that fit different lifestyles. For example, some strollers have three wheels, and some have four. There are some that look like jogging stroller. And, there are others that are compact for urban use. But no matter the design, they should be functional and easy to use since it will be the stroller you use most often.

A standard stroller should be easy to push around for extended periods of time and they typically have a large amount of storage space on the stroller. You can bring along a diaper bag and other items with you throughout the day. A standard stroller is rather durable and should last years and years. Even if you decide to expand your family and have another child, then a standard stroller should be able stand the test of time and be used for child number two.


Travel Stroller


lightweight strollerA travel stroller is a smaller and more portable stroller that parents use for trips. Usually, parents like using a lightweight umbrella stroller stroller for traveling. An umbrella stroller is ideal since it is very lightweight (under 15 pounds) and has a convenient fold. Many have built in carrying straps or have an optional carrying bag. They take up minimal space, but because of their lightweight design, most are not as comfortable as an everyday stroller.

If you have plans to take a plane and visit the Grandparents, then having a travel umbrella stroller will be handy for taking on the plane. They are also great for throwing into the trunk for emergencies. Because everyday strollers are bulky and not all of them are compact, they can be harder to take from place to place. A travel stroller is designed to move around. When you have luggage and bags with you, the last thing you need is a giant stroller to lug around. It’s a hassle that can be avoided with an umbrella stroller.


Strollers for Infants


stroller travel system

The rules are a bit different for newborns and infants. Because they are so small and do not have the strength to hold themselves up, they cannot be put into a stroller alone. One popular option for parents is to get the Doona Car Seat Stroller (click here to read our Doona review). This is a baby car seat that turns into a stroller with a press of a button. It’s the next generation of travel system strollers. While this stroller is ultra convenient for the first year of your baby’s life, it cannot be used once they get older. For this reason, some parents do not feel as though they want to invest. Another option would to get an everyday stroller that is car seat compatible. Most standard strollers have an infant car seat option. Otherwise, an adapter may be used to attach an infant car seat.



All in all, you will probably only need two strollers. The first is your everyday standard or full size stroller. This will be used for daily tasks. It’s a bit bigger, but it’s comfortable and great for shopping and running errands around town. The second stroller you need is a travel stroller. This is an umbrella stroller that’s lightweight and easy to transport. It’s used when you are on the go. If you have a newborn, consider getting a stroller that is infant car seat compatible, or you can opt for a specialized stroller like the Doona. Most parents will find that having an everyday standard stroller and an umbrella stroller sufficient for their needs.


A few things to keep in mind:


Strollers can be expensive. You may want to get a used stroller from a friend. There are also tons of Facebook baby product swap groups. Other parents in the area may be willing to part with their stroller! Browsing online groups is a great way to get a stroller without paying an arm and a leg.

If you decide to get a stroller that’s car seat compatible, always be sure to buy a new car seat. Never use a pre-used car seat as they may have unseen damages.

Some parents like to get cheap umbrella strollers as their travel stroller. That way, if the stroller is damaged in transit, it’s not a big loss.

Make sure that your stroller can fit into your car. It doesn’t make sense to buy a stroller if it cannot be brought along with you.


Take a look at our guide to standard strollers for additional information about purchasing an everyday standard stroller. We also have a guide to umbrella strollers, which you will need for any trips you may take. It’s always a good idea to look around to find the best stroller for you and your family. You can read our other stroller reviews for more tips for buying strollers!

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